Reflections on God’s Word

-Today’s reading was Isaiah 1-6

Isaiah 1:2- Hear, O heavens, and give ear O earth, for the Lord hath spoken, I have nourished and brought up children, and they have rebelled against me.

The Lord has molded us in a certain way and many have decided to go against that and rebel against God.

As I read that verse this morning all I had the news faint in the background. Of course as many have read and watched there is yet again another incident happening in Baltimore right now. Lately is seems the younger generation mine included has gone to many extremes an it seems like this is now to normal thing for many. As a mother of 3 young children this scares me so much! I’ve begun to ask my self these questions. When my kids get older are we still going to seeing these extremes all the time? Will they have it worse than what we are seeing right now? How can I protect them? Whether this becomes the norm for them or even if it is worse it seems like the only way I can try and protect them is by teaching them what is right and wrong and instilling in them God’s word. I know the day will come when each one of them will rebel against us at some point but we will try hard to help keep them on the right path and one that is filled with a relationship with God and one that they realize we aren’t the only ones raising them that God is raising them as well. We hope that they will be able to stay on a righteous path  and continue their relationship with God long after leaving the nest. We as parents can only do as much as God has. He has nourished us and brought us up. If our children rebel against us and God we will do whatever we can to try and bring them back to the path of the Lord but hopefully with the guidance of God throughout them growing up won’t have to worry bout a mass rebellion like we are seeing in the news so often theses days.

Tomorrows reading will be Matthew 1-2

May God bless your day!


Daily Scripture Reflections 4/27/15

S: Job 1:21-22

And sad, Naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return thither: the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taketh away; blessed be the name of the Lord. 22: In all this Job sinned not, nor charged God foolishly.

O: When reading this it shows me that even back then people understood that anything can happen and even in the bad we should trust in the Lord.

A: Often times when things go wrong we hear people say well there must not be a God or I should just do what I want because God doesn’t help me out anyways. Every time I hear someone say this or see it posted on social media I want take these people and shake them and ask what is really so bad that you would want to go against God? I then think back to really not that long ago just about 3 years ago when I didn’t want a relationship with God. I didn’t because I was so upset that he had taken my mother away. It took me almost 8 months to want him back in my life and when I wanted him back was when my son was diagnosed with Epilepsy. He was the first person I turned to because I knew God could help me through. I’m trying so hard right now to never lose faith. I’m trying now that I watch my little guy fight everyday with his delays and not lose faith and keep my mind on the Lord. Watching all the bad in the world is one way to see things but we need to remember just because of the bad doesn’t mean we should go against God. I myself need to remember everyday to take a few minutes and thank God for what he has given and has taken away to help complete the plan he has for me. God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

Sorry for being so much shorter than the others. when both writing this on paper and typing I started to really be concerned regarding current healthy scare of my son  and decided best to make this one a short one so I can try and stay positive until we know anything. If you all could just maybe say a little prayer for out WJ and just ask the lord to watch over him.

Tomorrows scripture reading Isaiah 1-6

8 daily habits for a smoother running household

These 8 simple changes have helped our household and I hope they can help you too!

1. Wake up early. I have never been able to really do this continually until these past few weeks. I can say though it has helped so much with getting things done around the house and still having time to enjoy a cup of coffee.

2. Evening preparations. Make sure if you are leaving the house at any time the next day that you plan ahead and have everything ready to go so all you have to do is grab it and go. Sometimes the mornings can get away from us and having things already ready will make life that much easier.

3. Institute meal-planning. I have been trying to get some new recipes rounded up so we aren’t eating the same things each week. With this I make a weeks worth of meal planning where I make the plan for dinner for everyone and since it’s just me and the boys (usually) during the day do to school and work for my daughter and husband, I have been doing a simple but healthy lunch meal plan as well. These have surely helped! There is no more, “so what do you want for dinner?” coming out of my mouth to my husband. 🙂

4. Do one complete load of laundry a day. This was always my HUGE downfall! Recently though I have begun this and it’s nice to be able to look at my closet and the kids and see them full! Every night now after everyone has their jammies on I round up all the laundry and toss it in the washer but I don’t start it. I then wait until the hubby and kids are dressed for the day and round of the jammies and toss them in and then start the load. While it’s going is when I get to enjoy that cup of coffee 🙂 Once it’s all done I take 10 minutes and fold/hang it and put it all away. So much easier than waiting until the end of the week like I was doing.

5. Get your dishes done in the evening. I do this after the kids are in bed and the hubby is watching one of his shows. I wash them/ load the dishwasher and let it run. This is by far one of the easiest things to do for me at least. Even though I hate dishes knowing the dishwasher is cleaning them while I relax with the hubby for the evening makes loading it totally worth it!

6. Bathroom wipe down. I will admit it I make a mess doing my hair and make up everyday, well every day I actually do them. With being home more and having people over more lately and only having one bathroom I’ve had to keep it clean. The easiest way to do this is wiping down the sink and counter, then the shower/tub and then wiping down the toilet quick. Tossing that cloth in the dirty clothes and nabbing another one that I use for wiping down the mirror. This simple little task has made my bathroom look so much better! I’m not scared for anyone to head in there now.

7. A place for everything. Everything in our house has a particular place that works best for it for us. When things are not in their place we mini panic attacks when it comes time to need that thing. Now we are getting things situated to where we just automatically put things where they are supposed to go the first time and when we need them things run so much smoother. Now if I could just remember to do this with my car keys I wouldn’t run around the house for 15 minutes trying to find them every day.

8. Bedtime routine. This has been a relatively easy one for my daughter. Thank goodness. We start by picking up any toys that are out, then bath time, then brushing our hair and teeth, then picking out clothes for the next day, then tucking in and prayers. It may seem like common sense to most but making sure you stick to the same routine every night helps ensure things get done every night. This helps instill in your kids as well that routines help things run smoother. We have had less “melt downs” with our daughter by enforcing this routine at night. Less melt downs means more sleep for this mommy and that makes everyone happy 🙂

Sunday Sermon Reflections 4/26/15

Today’s sermon was amazing as always. It’s funny how things I’ve read this past week ended up being relevant in both the actual sermon and our little prayer offering sermon.

I’m going to start with our prayer offering sermon. This was done by a guy I’ve known since I was 4 years old. Back then I never would have thought he would have been called to the ministry but I am sure glad he was! Hearing him speak today regarding waiting for the “WOW” moment was so enlightening. Often times we want things to be instant. It’s the world we live in today. We get our paychecks instantly deposited into our bank accounts on payday, we can instant download a movie and have it stream on our devices, we can just about instantly order a sandwich and have it delivered. We can get so caught up with these things that we expect God to be instant when we ask him for things. God is old school, plain and simple. He works on his own time because he knows his time is the best time for things to happen. When we take a step back and look at things when we do get our WOW moment we will realize, yes God this is what I want. Thank you for allowing me to have this! Not everything needs to be instant, sometimes old school can be a good thing.

The sermon our pastor did today had 4 key points of how we as believers basically mess up. This will make sense I promise you! The verse we started out with was Proverbs 9:6- Forsake the foolish and live; and go in the way of understanding.

1) Do not submit to fleshly desires

We as believers need to make sure we act as believers. There are many out there who are non believers who will “tempt” you. Tempt others by the way they dress and act making us want to think things are better on their side. We as believers need to remember we are here to serve God not to submitted to those fleshly desires. I located another verse that seemed to fit in with this point. Galatians 6:8 For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.

2)Listening to those who are unfamiliar with God.

We all come to a time of needing advice and guidance. When we choose to go to those who are non believers for advice the advice and guidance they are going to give is not of which will lead us down a holy path. They may not always mean to do this but without knowing the word of God and being a believer there is no way that they can help you understand what is the best path that will continue to take you down a path of righteousness. When you do receive advice and guidance from believers have them show you where their advice is coming from so you can refer back to it constantly to help keep you going down the right path. Proverbs 9:9 -Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser; teach a just man and he will increase his learning.

3)Blame others for things that we blame ourselves on.

We all make mistakes. When we make these mistakes we need to own up to them not blame others and try and make things seem like they are everyone else fault but our own. This one to me is just common sense but we don’t always remember this so its best to be reminded sometimes 🙂

4) Taking responsibility for those who make mistakes.

We by nature want to play mother hen to those we love even when they make mistakes. By doing these things we aren’t allowing them the ability to learn from what God is showing them. My instinct still to this day is to protect my younger siblings. I still have the want to take any blame for anything they do wrong just to try and protect them. Now that they are getting older though I need to take a few steps back and let them make mistakes and let them figure out the right path to head down. As much as I would like to mother hen them for the rest of their lives I know they need to see and do things with God themselves not with me in the middle.

Besides the WOW moment something to really remember which will help with all the points in the sermon is before we jump head first we need to stop and talk to God. He loves us and has a plan we just need to stop and consult him on what it is.

Daily Scripture Reflections 4-26-15

Psalms 1-2

S: Psalms 1:2 But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day and night

O: The bible is the law and being happy and excited to have time with it is a way we should all feel.

A: This verse stuck out to me so much! When I made the decision earlier this month to try hard and figure out a way to be able to head back to church it wasn’t the easy. Truly my only hold back was my 3 year old son. With his disabilities big crowds, new people, loud noises all scare him easily. Many have asked why don’t you just put him in the nursery? Well he may have the mentality of a 6-9 month old but new people are not easy for him to be with and he has panic attack type episodes with new people which then has me having one as well. So church +panic attach= not a good mix! Luckily my husband understands what being in the house of God means to me. While he loves going to our church as a family he loves me enough to be separated from me for a few hours on Sundays so I can have my time within the house of God. With me now being able to be in the presence of the Lord with so many people there to worship him it has made me even more egger to want to have the Lord near me at all times. I don’t have an actual bible anymore somehow it got lost when we moved a few years back but I do have the bible on my ipad and I now take that with me wherever I go. I love that I am able to read the word of God anywhere. I’ve noticed already that I have been happier and even though I am incredibly stressed due to life happenings right now I have this sense of ease and calming. I know that with my daily scripture reads and daily reflections both within my head and heart and on paper and in the blog I’m able to connect more and see where God is taking me and leading my life in some aspects and where he wants me to sit tight until the time is right.

Tomorrow scripture read Job 1-2

Daily Scripture Reflections 4-25-15

I’m sorry this is a day late! Yesterday was a hectic day and time got away from me but at least I was able to have to a few moments with the Lord’s word. A few moments may be an exaggeration 🙂

Joshua 1-5

S: Joshua 3:5- And Joshua said unto the people, sanctify yourselves for to morrow the Lord will do wonders among you.

O: By freeing myself from sin God can begin to show me his plan;

A: Sin can happen at anytime anyplace with anyone. While we as Christians sometimes like to think that sin doesn’t happen to us, let me tell you it does! It may not happen often but when it does we can’t just think, “oh it’s fine one little sin wont hurt”, I’ve hear people say that it runs through my head, what if it was the last thing you said or did and bam that was it? I’m reminded a lot of the day I got the call from my dad telling me my mom was in a bad accident and that we needed to rush to the hospital. I was as scared as I could ever be the first thought that ran through my head was did I tell her I love her? Earlier that day I had been texting her and she was planning on coming to see us that evening after work but in a split second that all changed and there she was fighting for her life. You are not promised tomorrow, this evening or even a minute from now. So NOW is the time to be rid of your sins so he can do amazing things for you. I realize I need to remember how things aren’t guaranteed so remembering that when sin happens I need to ask God to cleanse them away so I can continue to be available for the wonders God has in store for me.

Tomorrow’s reading– well today’s reading is Psalms 1-2

Daily Scripture Reflections 4/24/15

Todays scriptures I read as part of the 52 week plan was Genesis 1-3

S: —-Genesis 2:24. Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh.

O: This is going to sound strange and it could be because I just watched this movie the other day but this reminds me of Star Wars and bring two forces into one. 

A: It is the dream of little girls to grow up , leave home, find an amazing husband and get married. What we don’t realize when we are little is doing all that is not the easiest. There are many men out there but God has chosen one specifically for you its just the matter if finding that man. Now that I am married I realize every day I am blessed to have the husband I do and I know God has a great plan for us filled with challenges. Everyday we are faced with challenges. When you are married you are no longer facing these challenges on your own. Being a wife I am of one Godly flesh with my husband. He is the sole provider for our family and does so without complaint unto me or anyone else. When we are faced with financial difficulties we turn to each other to determine what is the best way to handle things. When things seem difficult we turn to prayer in hopes the Lord will help us see what is needed from us to help the situation. I know from experiencing day to day trials from money,family, medical and marriage my husband and I don’t always see eye to eye. In these times I need to take a step back, look at the whole picture and remember I am here to be of one Godly flesh with my husband not to separate myself and make more concern or anguish for us. Now I’m not saying I’m just going to go along with what he says and be a wife who just sits quietly while her husband controls all. I am however saying that turning to God as one with my husband should be my main focus. When God made Eve from Adam he did so to have someone be with Adam not to fight and constantly disagree with him. Being of one Godly flesh may be hard but by doing so with my husband I can better see and understand God’s plan for us.

***** today’s reading really hit hard with me. As I have heard friends lately speak about their relationships and looking into my own I know now being of the one Godly flesh is a good start to ensure we am try and see Gods plan fully for us.*****
Tomorrows scriptures to read is Joshua 1-5