Just Relax and Smile

    Since my last post we have been a busy family! Over the course of the weekend I was able to see family I don’t get to see very often, celebrate the resurrection of Christ our savior, and let my children enjoy the outdoors.  It truly was a blessed weekend! So what’s the big deal you’re thinking? I gave up and then I put a smile on my face.

    You are probably thinking right now, “wow I’m reading a blog of a crazy person”. Well in some cases that statement may be true but let me explain first! 

    I have been stressed. I mean really over the top wanting to scream stressed. I have felt like I can’t control a single aspect of my life. My amazing husband is constantly in pain and going to have surgery that will hopefully cure the pain in less than 2 weeks, our older son’s medical issues are always a fight but at least right now he is showing more and more fight in him and he has been making everyday have good in it!,  our littlest guy…well he’s only 2 months old he needs mommy at all times, and our spunky little girl is turning 5 in less than two weeks and so is her party that I am no where near ready for. What does all this mean? 

    I have snapped at just about everyone all weekend long except my amazing sister in laws. Now where did that get me? That got me lifting huge heavy furniture all by myself, sitting in the rocker crying and then praying.

   Praying not for me to quit being a crazy person but for my husband, and sons, and spunky daughter to all be happy, healthy as they can be and love no matter what. As I was ending my prayer my older son started laughing in his room. This immediately put a huge smile on my face and as I walked into his room and looked at him I realized again in life I can’t control my family anymore than I can control the Midwest weather. Our family isn’t the typical family and never has been. Right now all I can do is relax and smile. 

    Relax because stessing and snapping at everyone and thinking I’m Wonder Woman trying to lift things that I truly need two people to lift isn’t going to get me anywhere but bald from stressing so much, alone from snapping at all my friends and family, and in more pain than my husband by trying to be Wonder Woman.

    Smile because I woke up today, my husband and kids woke up today, we have a home and food, and more love for each other than I ever could have dreamed possible. Smile because God has not let me down so far and I know he won’t. 

    Life gets hard, life gets in the way of our plans, life happens. Through every aspect of life I am lucky enough to have great family, amazing friends and the lord to get me through everything life throws my way.  

    My advice live, love, laugh, smile and relax! 


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