Spring Cleaning 

It’s that time of year again out with the old and for many of us that means we are bringing in new things.  I have tried hard to maintain that for myself and the house the only new things coming in would be to help store and organize things better. To help me better appreciate what I have I have gotten rid of a lot these past few days without few simple steps to help me really get rid of the clutter.

1.  Make piles

     Make four piles. Donate, keep, sell and trash.  Literally everything can be put in one of these piles. I try my hardest to make the two smallest piles the keep and sell. This is because besides the basics there isn’t a huge amount of things we need to truly keep on hand. As for the sell pile that was a new one this year that I mainly did as a way to make a little extra cash before my husband is off work for weeks after surgery. When things like this come up its nice to have that little extra money on hand just in case. NOW the trash and donate piles have been huge this time around! Trash quite a bit bigger than I expected. We got rid of anything and everything that was damaged or had pieces missing. 

2. Remember the seasons

    Think back to the last time you wore the sweater in your closet. Did you wear it last fall or winter? NO? Then get rid of it! You don’t need things that you haven’t worn in a year or more. While we are on clothes not being worn.  I am just like every other woman hoping and praying to get back into those “skinny” jeans but after having three kids I know my body is not going to be like it was when my husband and I met. I’ve come to terms with that. I’ve also come to terms that those jeans are not making back over these hips no matter how skinny I can’t my stomach. I went from having 9 pairs of jeans in my closet to 3. I do laundry everyday with a house of 5 people three pairs is plenty for me!

3. Kitchen madness! 

    I don’t know have everyone has their kitchens but mine seems to accumulate strange things. By strange things I mean little kitchen gadgets that I have no idea how to use or no idea when I’m ever going to use them or if I ever have since I got them. Any of these items that I have found got donated to the Salvation Army. This way people looking for those items and who know how to use them will be able to get them.  This has made the cabinets so much easier to work with. Now if I could just remember where I put everything when re arranging things.

4. Making small spaces work

    When we bought our house three years ago we bought it because it was a perfect fit for the family size we had and had thought would be our forever size of our family….. Don’t take that statement wrong we love our newest addition he was just a very blessed surprise. With this unfortunately we didn’t have enough room for our newest addition to have his own room. We initially thought that we would split the basement bedroom  but with the stairs we have we realized that it wasn’t going to be safe once he was converted into the toddler bed.  So we thought maybe we will just get a new house. Yeah that is way easier said than done. So with some clever maneuvering and of course more de cluttering I was able to arrange our sons’s room to fit them both comfortably with their beds and clothes. Below are pictures to show just how we did this.  


    I now know it’s not so hard to live in a smaller home. As long as you appreciate what you have and who you have the amount of space doesn’t truly matter. Spring cleaning is officially done!


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