Keeping organized in crazy times

Right now our lives are filled with hectic days and nights. Recently my husband had surgery to fix his shoulder issues. This has made my days and nights incredibly long and with little sleep due to making sure my husband stays up on his pain meds, helping him get in and out of the chair, taking care of the three kids and of course keeping up on my pumping schedule as well.

I needed to figure out a way to make sure everything that needed done during the days was done and that things were kept organized this year. I know I just said year but once you are in a routine with things staying organized it’s easier to continue this.

I did a lot of looking on Pinterest these past few nights and found a great set of pintable’s to help me get organized and stay organized.

The used the set called the ultimate customizable personal planner {free printable} This set contained 81 pages of printables. Now for what I was wanting/needing I picked and choose which ones worked best for our family.

I used a 3 ring binder that I had used in the past, some of the clear sheet protectors and page dividers. The clear sheets help me be able to use a dry erase marker on the pages so I can re use them each week instead of having to print enough pages off for the whole year. Now if it works better for you to print off enough for each week of the year by all means do so. It was just easier for me to re use them each week.

I have set up my family planner binder like this.

Front cover


Once I have a picture of all five of us in our little family I am going to put it on the blue portion so its more personalized.

Each month starts out this way. I wanted to make sure each month had its own notes section so I can look back and see I anything needed to be repeated next year.

IMG_6277 IMG_6278 IMG_6279

The following pages will be reused each week/month to help keep our little family organized.

IMG_6280 IMG_6281 IMG_6282 IMG_6283 IMG_6284 IMG_6285 IMG_6286 IMG_6287

The following pages are going to come in handy for our little family as well but we wont need them on a weekly basis so I have included them in their own tab behind the rest of the years calendar pages.

IMG_6288 IMG_6290 IMG_6291 IMG_6292 IMG_6289

I also included loose leaf paper and these blank calendar pages so that way I can reuse this system for years to come.

IMG_6293 IMG_6294

I look forward to helping our little family stay organized!


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