8 daily habits for a smoother running household

These 8 simple changes have helped our household and I hope they can help you too!

1. Wake up early. I have never been able to really do this continually until these past few weeks. I can say though it has helped so much with getting things done around the house and still having time to enjoy a cup of coffee.

2. Evening preparations. Make sure if you are leaving the house at any time the next day that you plan ahead and have everything ready to go so all you have to do is grab it and go. Sometimes the mornings can get away from us and having things already ready will make life that much easier.

3. Institute meal-planning. I have been trying to get some new recipes rounded up so we aren’t eating the same things each week. With this I make a weeks worth of meal planning where I make the plan for dinner for everyone and since it’s just me and the boys (usually) during the day do to school and work for my daughter and husband, I have been doing a simple but healthy lunch meal plan as well. These have surely helped! There is no more, “so what do you want for dinner?” coming out of my mouth to my husband. 🙂

4. Do one complete load of laundry a day. This was always my HUGE downfall! Recently though I have begun this and it’s nice to be able to look at my closet and the kids and see them full! Every night now after everyone has their jammies on I round up all the laundry and toss it in the washer but I don’t start it. I then wait until the hubby and kids are dressed for the day and round of the jammies and toss them in and then start the load. While it’s going is when I get to enjoy that cup of coffee 🙂 Once it’s all done I take 10 minutes and fold/hang it and put it all away. So much easier than waiting until the end of the week like I was doing.

5. Get your dishes done in the evening. I do this after the kids are in bed and the hubby is watching one of his shows. I wash them/ load the dishwasher and let it run. This is by far one of the easiest things to do for me at least. Even though I hate dishes knowing the dishwasher is cleaning them while I relax with the hubby for the evening makes loading it totally worth it!

6. Bathroom wipe down. I will admit it I make a mess doing my hair and make up everyday, well every day I actually do them. With being home more and having people over more lately and only having one bathroom I’ve had to keep it clean. The easiest way to do this is wiping down the sink and counter, then the shower/tub and then wiping down the toilet quick. Tossing that cloth in the dirty clothes and nabbing another one that I use for wiping down the mirror. This simple little task has made my bathroom look so much better! I’m not scared for anyone to head in there now.

7. A place for everything. Everything in our house has a particular place that works best for it for us. When things are not in their place we mini panic attacks when it comes time to need that thing. Now we are getting things situated to where we just automatically put things where they are supposed to go the first time and when we need them things run so much smoother. Now if I could just remember to do this with my car keys I wouldn’t run around the house for 15 minutes trying to find them every day.

8. Bedtime routine. This has been a relatively easy one for my daughter. Thank goodness. We start by picking up any toys that are out, then bath time, then brushing our hair and teeth, then picking out clothes for the next day, then tucking in and prayers. It may seem like common sense to most but making sure you stick to the same routine every night helps ensure things get done every night. This helps instill in your kids as well that routines help things run smoother. We have had less “melt downs” with our daughter by enforcing this routine at night. Less melt downs means more sleep for this mommy and that makes everyone happy 🙂


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