Daily Scripture Reflections 4-25-15

I’m sorry this is a day late! Yesterday was a hectic day and time got away from me but at least I was able to have to a few moments with the Lord’s word. A few moments may be an exaggeration 🙂

Joshua 1-5

S: Joshua 3:5- And Joshua said unto the people, sanctify yourselves for to morrow the Lord will do wonders among you.

O: By freeing myself from sin God can begin to show me his plan;

A: Sin can happen at anytime anyplace with anyone. While we as Christians sometimes like to think that sin doesn’t happen to us, let me tell you it does! It may not happen often but when it does we can’t just think, “oh it’s fine one little sin wont hurt”, I’ve hear people say that it runs through my head, what if it was the last thing you said or did and bam that was it? I’m reminded a lot of the day I got the call from my dad telling me my mom was in a bad accident and that we needed to rush to the hospital. I was as scared as I could ever be the first thought that ran through my head was did I tell her I love her? Earlier that day I had been texting her and she was planning on coming to see us that evening after work but in a split second that all changed and there she was fighting for her life. You are not promised tomorrow, this evening or even a minute from now. So NOW is the time to be rid of your sins so he can do amazing things for you. I realize I need to remember how things aren’t guaranteed so remembering that when sin happens I need to ask God to cleanse them away so I can continue to be available for the wonders God has in store for me.

Tomorrow’s reading– well today’s reading is Psalms 1-2


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