Daily Scripture Reflections 4-26-15

Psalms 1-2

S: Psalms 1:2 But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day and night

O: The bible is the law and being happy and excited to have time with it is a way we should all feel.

A: This verse stuck out to me so much! When I made the decision earlier this month to try hard and figure out a way to be able to head back to church it wasn’t the easy. Truly my only hold back was my 3 year old son. With his disabilities big crowds, new people, loud noises all scare him easily. Many have asked why don’t you just put him in the nursery? Well he may have the mentality of a 6-9 month old but new people are not easy for him to be with and he has panic attack type episodes with new people which then has me having one as well. So church +panic attach= not a good mix! Luckily my husband understands what being in the house of God means to me. While he loves going to our church as a family he loves me enough to be separated from me for a few hours on Sundays so I can have my time within the house of God. With me now being able to be in the presence of the Lord with so many people there to worship him it has made me even more egger to want to have the Lord near me at all times. I don’t have an actual bible anymore somehow it got lost when we moved a few years back but I do have the bible on my ipad and I now take that with me wherever I go. I love that I am able to read the word of God anywhere. I’ve noticed already that I have been happier and even though I am incredibly stressed due to life happenings right now I have this sense of ease and calming. I know that with my daily scripture reads and daily reflections both within my head and heart and on paper and in the blog I’m able to connect more and see where God is taking me and leading my life in some aspects and where he wants me to sit tight until the time is right.

Tomorrow scripture read Job 1-2


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