Never ending Love 

This past week we had been very worried about finances due to my husband being off work for his shoulder. I realized it’s one thing to get paid by an employer it’s a completely different story to get paid by workmans comp. I say that with harsh feelings towards them. I hate to say that but it’s almost like they don’t realize that these people who are needing paid have families and bills that require that money. Well enough on that rant 🙂

    This past Monday I went out to my grandmothers to take a few things for my sister who will be coming back for a visit this week and set them up so everything was ready. While in route home from visiting with my grandmother and my oldest sister my husband calls me. The first words you know “so in so” ( not sure if they would want to be named so leaving it anonymous) I said yes of course. He proceeds with you know her dad “so In so” I again said yes. This point though many bad things were running through my head…..Had my friend been hurt, were her kids and husband ok? Please tell me her dad is okay! Is everything with his church ok? ( he is a pastor at a local church)….. With all this running through my head he proceeds to tell me that her father had stopped by. I wasn’t sure why he had I didn’t think much of it just figured he wanted to check in on us since the last time I had gotten to see him I was pregnant with my littlest. My husband says he talked to him for a few minutes and gave him an envelope addressed to us. He asked if he should open it I said of course. What he said next had me in tears leaving Fremont.

    He said there is a card in it. He read the card to me which was so amazing to hear and proceeded to tell me that we had been blessed. I was wondering earlier that day how I would be able to put gas in my vehicle as well as feed our family the rest of the week well really until we got the check from workmans comp considering we had no idea when that would be coming. I was so humbled and gracious to find out we we not have any issues with making sure everyone was fed and still being able to make all the graduation things we needed to be present at this weekend by having gas I’m the van. 

    If you live in the Omaha, council bluffs area you know traffic in west omahacan be difficult sometimes. I was at 168th and dodge and was crying tears of happiness as I was driving.  For someone to be praying for us and ask his congregation to pray and help us out as well is truly a blessing. 

    We always hear hear God works in mysterious ways, I haven never believed that more until that day. With that being said take a moment pray for those who you know could use and extra prayer you never know when that extra prayer for them will be just what they need. 

God is good all the time and all the time God is good. 


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