Daily Scripture Reflections 4-26-15

Psalms 1-2

S: Psalms 1:2 But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day and night

O: The bible is the law and being happy and excited to have time with it is a way we should all feel.

A: This verse stuck out to me so much! When I made the decision earlier this month to try hard and figure out a way to be able to head back to church it wasn’t the easy. Truly my only hold back was my 3 year old son. With his disabilities big crowds, new people, loud noises all scare him easily. Many have asked why don’t you just put him in the nursery? Well he may have the mentality of a 6-9 month old but new people are not easy for him to be with and he has panic attack type episodes with new people which then has me having one as well. So church +panic attach= not a good mix! Luckily my husband understands what being in the house of God means to me. While he loves going to our church as a family he loves me enough to be separated from me for a few hours on Sundays so I can have my time within the house of God. With me now being able to be in the presence of the Lord with so many people there to worship him it has made me even more egger to want to have the Lord near me at all times. I don’t have an actual bible anymore somehow it got lost when we moved a few years back but I do have the bible on my ipad and I now take that with me wherever I go. I love that I am able to read the word of God anywhere. I’ve noticed already that I have been happier and even though I am incredibly stressed due to life happenings right now I have this sense of ease and calming. I know that with my daily scripture reads and daily reflections both within my head and heart and on paper and in the blog I’m able to connect more and see where God is taking me and leading my life in some aspects and where he wants me to sit tight until the time is right.

Tomorrow scripture read Job 1-2


Daily Scripture Reflections 4-25-15

I’m sorry this is a day late! Yesterday was a hectic day and time got away from me but at least I was able to have to a few moments with the Lord’s word. A few moments may be an exaggeration ūüôā

Joshua 1-5

S: Joshua 3:5- And Joshua said unto the people, sanctify yourselves for to morrow the Lord will do wonders among you.

O: By freeing myself from sin God can begin to show me his plan;

A: Sin can happen at anytime anyplace with anyone. While we as Christians sometimes like to think that sin doesn’t happen to us, let me tell you it does! It may not happen often but when it does we can’t just think, “oh it’s fine one little sin wont hurt”, I’ve hear people say that it runs through my head, what if it was the last thing you said or did and bam that was it? I’m reminded a lot of the day I got the call from my dad telling me my mom was in a bad accident and that we needed to rush to the hospital. I was as scared as I could ever be the first thought that ran through my head was did I tell her I love her? Earlier that day I had been texting her and she was planning on coming to see us that evening after work but in a split second that all changed and there she was fighting for her life. You are not promised tomorrow, this evening or even a minute from now. So NOW is the time to be rid of your sins so he can do amazing things for you. I realize I need to remember how things aren’t guaranteed so remembering that when sin happens I need to ask God to cleanse them away so I can continue to be available for the wonders God has in store for me.

Tomorrow’s reading– well today’s reading is Psalms 1-2

Daily Scripture Reflections 4/24/15

Todays scriptures I read as part of the 52 week plan was Genesis 1-3

S: —-Genesis 2:24. Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh.

O: This is going to sound strange and it could be because I just watched this movie the other day but this reminds me of Star Wars and bring two forces into one. 

A: It is the dream of little girls to grow up , leave home, find an amazing husband and get married. What we don’t realize when we are little is doing all that is not the easiest. There are many men out there but God has chosen one specifically for you its just the matter if finding that man. Now that I am married I realize every day I am blessed to have the husband I do and I know God has a great plan for us filled with challenges. Everyday we are faced with challenges. When you are married you are no longer facing these challenges on your own. Being a wife I am of one Godly flesh with my husband. He is the sole provider for our family and does so without complaint unto me or anyone else. When we are faced with financial difficulties we turn to each other to determine what is the best way to handle things. When things seem difficult we turn to prayer in hopes the Lord will help us see what is needed from us to help the situation. I know from experiencing day to day trials from money,family, medical and marriage my husband and I don’t always see eye to eye. In these times I need to take a step back, look at the whole picture and remember I am here to be of one Godly flesh with my husband not to separate myself and make more concern or anguish for us. Now I’m not saying I’m just going to go along with what he says and be a wife who just sits quietly while her husband controls all. I am however saying that turning to God as one with my husband should be my main focus. When God made Eve from Adam he did so to have someone be with Adam not to fight and constantly disagree with him. Being of one Godly flesh may be hard but by doing so with my husband I can better see and understand God’s plan for us.

***** today’s reading really hit hard with me. As I have heard friends lately speak about their relationships and looking into my own I know now being of the one Godly flesh is a good start to ensure we am try and see Gods plan fully for us.*****
Tomorrows scriptures to read is Joshua 1-5 

Daily Scripture Reflections 4/23/15

I had created a page a few weeks ago that was going to be my reflections page on the sermons I would hear on Sunday’s at church. I then began a reading plan to help me better get through and understand the bible today and the verses I read today changed the way I will be doing the reflections. They will now be right there with all the other post because I don’t want to hide the word the God or how I have interpreted it in any way. I will be using the S.O.A.P. method. I love how it was explained in the link and truly feel it will help me since I am a very visual person with writing things down.

Today I have started out by reading Romans 1-2.  For those of you who would like to work through the bible with me every day I will post what tomorrows scriptures to be read are. I would love to hear your interpretations of the word of God!

The scripture I choose to reflect on most today was.

Romans 1:16

S: Romans 1:16— For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

O: The word of God is meant to be spoken to others. Those¬†that believe and those that don’t. We should not be ashamed of the word of God.

A: This verse has two sides. Sharing the word of God with those that believe and sharing the word of God with those who don’t. Now the first part is very easy for me to do. I have many people in my life who are true believers and speaking about the word of God is very easy to do with them. We can reflect and give our opinions and bounce context ideas off one another. It’s a great feeling to know I have these people. Now the other half is not being ashamed to speak the word of God to those who don’t believe. Some don’t believe because they were never introduced to the Lord. Others feel as though God is not there for them, for it he was then they would not suffer as much. I can speak from personal experience I was one of these types of people not all that long ago, but it took a group of women to help me come back to the light of the Lord and I am forever thankful for this. There is also those that seem to enjoy doing the things the devil has led them to and they fear stopping these things will result in them being alone. Sometimes trying to get the word of God spoken to non believers is very difficult for me. Sometimes I feel as though they are judging me for having this relationship with such a great man. To help myself begin to have faith in myself to speak to the non believers have begun today doing a daily reflection on a verse that I read each day to help get a meaningful verse out there each day You never know who will benefit that day from a verse that also connects with you/ This is my beginning of getting the word of God out there to those who believe and who don’t believe. I know this is my starting point and helping others become believers as well.

The¬† “P” portion of S.O.A.P. is a prayer to God to help you achieve the portion of¬† taking that scripture and applying it to your life. This portion each day I will be keeping to myself to help me better have a few moments just the Lord and I.

I look forward to sharing these verses with you each day.

Tomorrows scriptures to read are Genesis 1-3.

Keeping organized in crazy times

Right now our lives are filled with hectic days and nights. Recently my husband had surgery to fix his shoulder issues. This has made my days and nights incredibly long and with little sleep due to making sure my husband stays up on his pain meds, helping him get in and out of the chair, taking care of the three kids and of course keeping up on my pumping schedule as well.

I needed to figure out a way to make sure everything that needed done during the days was done and that things were kept organized this year. I know I just said year but once you are in a routine with things staying organized it’s easier to continue this.

I did a lot of looking on Pinterest these past few nights and found a great set of pintable’s to help me get organized and stay organized.

The used the set called the ultimate customizable personal planner {free printable} This set contained 81 pages of printables. Now for what I was wanting/needing I picked and choose which ones worked best for our family.

I used a 3 ring binder that I had used in the past, some of the clear sheet protectors and page dividers. The clear sheets help me be able to use a dry erase marker on the pages so I can re use them each week instead of having to print enough pages off for the whole year. Now if it works better for you to print off enough for each week of the year by all means do so. It was just easier for me to re use them each week.

I have set up my family planner binder like this.

Front cover


Once I have a picture of all five of us in our little family I am going to put it on the blue portion so its more personalized.

Each month starts out this way. I wanted to make sure each month had its own notes section so I can look back and see I anything needed to be repeated next year.

IMG_6277 IMG_6278 IMG_6279

The following pages will be reused each week/month to help keep our little family organized.

IMG_6280 IMG_6281 IMG_6282 IMG_6283 IMG_6284 IMG_6285 IMG_6286 IMG_6287

The following pages are going to come in handy for our little family as well but we wont need them on a weekly basis so I have included them in their own tab behind the rest of the years calendar pages.

IMG_6288 IMG_6290 IMG_6291 IMG_6292 IMG_6289

I also included loose leaf paper and these blank calendar pages so that way I can reuse this system for years to come.

IMG_6293 IMG_6294

I look forward to helping our little family stay organized!

Spring Cleaning 

It’s that time of year again out with the old and for many of us that means we are bringing in new things.  I have tried hard to maintain that for myself and the house the only new things coming in would be to help store and organize things better. To help me better appreciate what I have I have gotten rid of a lot these past few days without few simple steps to help me really get rid of the clutter.

1.  Make piles

     Make four piles. Donate, keep, sell and trash.  Literally everything can be put in one of these piles. I try my hardest to make the two smallest piles the keep and sell. This is because besides the basics there isn’t a huge amount of things we need to truly keep on hand. As for the sell pile that was a new one this year that I mainly did as a way to make a little extra cash before my husband is off work for weeks after surgery. When things like this come up its nice to have that little extra money on hand just in case. NOW the trash and donate piles have been huge this time around! Trash quite a bit bigger than I expected. We got rid of anything and everything that was damaged or had pieces missing. 

2. Remember the seasons

    Think back to the last time you wore the sweater in your closet. Did you wear it last fall or winter? NO? Then get rid of it! You don’t need things that you haven’t worn in a year or more. While we are on clothes not being worn.  I am just like every other woman hoping and praying to get back into those “skinny” jeans but after having three kids I know my body is not going to be like it was when my husband and I met. I’ve come to terms with that. I’ve also come to terms that those jeans are not making back over these hips no matter how skinny I can’t my stomach. I went from having 9 pairs of jeans in my closet to 3. I do laundry everyday with a house of 5 people three pairs is plenty for me!

3. Kitchen madness! 

    I don’t know have everyone has their kitchens but mine seems to accumulate strange things. By strange things I mean little kitchen gadgets that I have no idea how to use or no idea when I’m ever going to use them or if I ever have since I got them. Any of these items that I have found got donated to the Salvation Army. This way people looking for those items and who know how to use them will be able to get them.  This has made the cabinets so much easier to work with. Now if I could just remember where I put everything when re arranging things.

4. Making small spaces work

    When we bought our house three years ago we bought it because it was a perfect fit for the family size we had and had thought would be our forever size of our family….. Don’t take that statement wrong we love our newest addition he was just a very blessed surprise. With this unfortunately we didn’t have enough room for our newest addition to have his own room. We initially thought that we would split the basement bedroom  but with the stairs we have we realized that it wasn’t going to be safe once he was converted into the toddler bed.  So we thought maybe we will just get a new house. Yeah that is way easier said than done. So with some clever maneuvering and of course more de cluttering I was able to arrange our sons’s room to fit them both comfortably with their beds and clothes. Below are pictures to show just how we did this.  


    I now know it’s not so hard to live in a smaller home. As long as you appreciate what you have and who you have the amount of space doesn’t truly matter. Spring cleaning is officially done!

Just Relax and Smile

    Since my last post we have been a busy family! Over the course of the weekend I was able to see family I don’t get to see very often, celebrate the resurrection of Christ our savior, and let my children enjoy the outdoors.  It truly was a blessed weekend! So what’s the big deal you’re thinking? I gave up and then I put a smile on my face.

    You are probably thinking right now, “wow I’m reading a blog of a crazy person”. Well in some cases that statement may be true but let me explain first! 

    I have been stressed. I mean really over the top wanting to scream stressed. I have felt like I can’t control a single aspect of my life. My amazing husband is constantly in pain and going to have surgery that will hopefully cure the pain in less than 2 weeks, our older son’s medical issues are always a fight but at least right now he is showing more and more fight in him and he has been making everyday have good in it!,  our littlest guy…well he’s only 2 months old he needs mommy at all times, and our spunky little girl is turning 5 in less than two weeks and so is her party that I am no where near ready for. What does all this mean? 

    I have snapped at just about everyone all weekend long except my amazing sister in laws. Now where did that get me? That got me lifting huge heavy furniture all by myself, sitting in the rocker crying and then praying.

   Praying not for me to quit being a crazy person but for my husband, and sons, and spunky daughter to all be happy, healthy as they can be and love no matter what. As I was ending my prayer my older son started laughing in his room. This immediately put a huge smile on my face and as I walked into his room and looked at him I realized again in life I can’t control my family anymore than I can control the Midwest weather. Our family isn’t the typical family and never has been. Right now all I can do is relax and smile. 

    Relax because stessing and snapping at everyone and thinking I’m Wonder Woman trying to lift things that I truly need two people to lift isn’t going to get me anywhere but bald from stressing so much, alone from snapping at all my friends and family, and in more pain than my husband by trying to be Wonder Woman.

    Smile because I woke up today, my husband and kids woke up today, we have a home and food, and more love for each other than I ever could have dreamed possible. Smile because God has not let me down so far and I know he won’t. 

    Life gets hard, life gets in the way of our plans, life happens. Through every aspect of life I am lucky enough to have great family, amazing friends and the lord to get me through everything life throws my way.  

    My advice live, love, laugh, smile and relax!